One Thought, One Universe


With a single thought,

The essence of liuli is reborn within a table.

Interweaving the universes that glide between fingertips,

Amidst the wandering four seasons

Lies eternity.


A thread of greenery,

Creates limitless life.

Painting a pocket of the world,

Infinitely breathtaking.



ARCH-Footsteps Echo in the Valley

Materials: Liuli, beech wood

Dimensions: Diameter 40cm, Height 51cm

The shape of the table resembles an arch, with the legs tapering from wide to narrow to create a visceral image of beauty in motion. The minimalistic lines complement the translucent lightness of the liuli, reminiscent of running water.

The table legs stream like a river, cascading downwards, while the arch seems to connect like a doorway to reality. The colors become the footsteps of time, leaving echoes in the silence.

This table,

Illustrates a simple yet elegant lifeforce.

CYCLE-The Unique Moment of Now

Materials: Liuli, beech wood

Dimensions: Diameter 40cm, Height 51cm

Inspired by the imagery of cycles, the circular and curvilinear layers unfold, presenting a sense of energy.

The vibrant summer is full of rich red hues, brimming with blooming flowers and ripe fruit. The serene autumn, adorned in shades of golden green, akin to scattered petals and leftover seeds in the wind, poised to rejoin the cycle of life. Discover the rhythm of life between blooming and wilting and capture the in-between moment when the seasons transition.

HARMONY- The Harmony Between Existence and Emptiness

Materials: liuli, ash wood

Dimensions: Diameter 40cm, Height 52cm

Nothing is more pleasantly surprising than the clever integration of liuli and wood in this table. The overlapping liuli and wood creates a multi-dimensional visual, with the overlying double circles suggesting a sense of harmony.

The sturdy legs of the liuli table are deftly designed with reliefs of gourds, grapes, and pumpkins, conveying the abundant vitality of harvest. A bountiful harvest demands considerable nurturing and irrigation.

The table is marked with an engraving exclusive to this moment, infusing it with the honesty and humility of soil.