Poetry in Glass

Juliette Leperlier

A love letter in glass requires no translation

La mesure de la vie, c’est l’amour. –Romain Rolland


Sun and rain give us rainbows; flowers and trees give us fragrance. This is mother nature’s love. Earth’s gravitational pull commands the clouds and rain and gives us weather. This is earth’s love. The orbit of the planets and stars within our solar system gives us seasons. This is the universe’s love. Love and friendship is shared between humans, between animals, between all life. This is the love of all living creatures.

French philosopher Albert Camus said, “The rose petal, the milestone, or the human hand are as important as love, desire, or the laws of gravity.”

Love and attraction may be without form but its existence is undisputed. The same goes for thoughts. Not every important thing can be seen with the eye.

This is a collection of letters written by artists in glass on behalf of the universe. They require no translation.