Rebellion within elegance

Passion within tranquility

Born in 1984, Juliette Leperlier hails from a centuries old glassworking family. As a child, she played among her father’s kilns and when she was older, she became his assistant. But she wasn’t always comfortable taking on the family business.

Leperlier attended Paris-Sorbonne University where she avoided the study of glass art. But the more she learned about other artistic mediums, the more glass beckoned to her. She says, “Even without the family connection, I believe I still would have become a glass artist”.

Letting go of her inner struggle, she inherited her father’s studio upon his passing in 2014 and in the same year won a competition held by the Atelier d’Arts de France.

A rising star in 21st century glass art, Leperlier turns to the meditative world of philosophy for inspiration. Flowing like poetic verses in glass, her 28 sculptures radiate a love for light; each composition seeks out souls in need of love.