Chang Yi

1951 Taiwan

Founder and pioneer of contemporary Chinese LIULI art

Former Honorary Professor at the Glass Art Studio at Tsinghua University

Founder of LIULI CHINA MUSEUM Shanghai

Noted Taiwanese Short Story Writer

Key figure in the New Wave of Taiwanese Cinema

Winner of Best Director Award at the Golden Horse Award

Winner of Best Director Award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival

Collection:Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris


To revive the lost art of Chinese liuli, esteemed Taiwanese film director Chang Yi founded LIULIGONGFANG with artist Loretta H. Yang. The New York Times has dubbed Chang"Father of the Asia Studio Glass Movement". Chang's vision unites contemporary liuli art with traditional craft art through a cultural lens. His efforts have established LIULIGONGFANG as a global leader and advocate of liuli art. Chang Yi's unique perspective on life has been influenced by his lifelong battle with vascular lesions. He treats liuli as a courier for love and death, reality and illusion, light and shadow, complete resplendence and shattered disillusionment. Chang Yi's style is uninhibited and free-spirited; he bestows his work with boundless possibilities and looks to literature and Zen Buddhism as his creative guides.

A Touch of Red-The Warm Sun

Life is but a dream, illusory, ephemeral. Within the heart, a permanent touch of red.

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