This is the beginning of a story:

The pen poised, the ink ready,


Have long taken flight.


Like wind brushing over the land,

It ponders entire galaxies within solitary petals,

Interpreting Mount Sumeru* from a lone mustard seed.


In retrospect,

A new world has already unfolded.


*Mount Sumeru is the Buddhist equivalent of Yggdrasil, the tree of life. In Buddhist cosmology, it is considered the center of the universe and is believed to be the axis around which the world revolves. It is often depicted as a colossal mountain with multiple tiers or levels, surrounded by various continents, oceans, and celestial realms.

Earth- Listen to the Song of the Earth

Material: Liuli, ash wood

Dimensions: Diameter 35cm, Height 52cm


Inspired by our planet, we worked from the Earth's core and moved gradually upward, constructing levels such as the crust, soil, vegetation, clouds, and finally its image as seen from space. As the light alters throughout the day, the landscapes transform with it.


From a bird's-eye view, we can only see the subtle shifts in color. The tunnel inside the table is like an ‘antipode’ that penetrates the entirety of Earth. An antipode is a point on the opposite side of the globe. If you were to draw a line through the center of the Earth from one location and out the other side, you would reach its antipode. From here, we could emerge in Paris, as told by a fellow artist to Loretta Yang.


This passage invites us to step out of our own limitations, acquire a broad and expansive heart to better savor the sounds from the farthest reaches of the world. Listen thoughtfully to the love of the world; the song of the Earth.


The artwork is made of solid cast liuli weighing 76 kilograms, allowing the pigments to intertwine and blend freely.