Interstellar Adventure

Loretta Yang seeks to create a dynamic and magical world, exploring the abundant possibilities of using liuli residue in sculpture, and inviting the audience to feel the texture and shapes of the materials.


There exist many species of giant creatures, coming in all forms and sizes, some from the real-world and some childhood dreams and fantasies. Yet, no matter their shape, they all exude joy. Among them, two particularly eye-catching figures stand out: two miniature beings wearing transparent hoods, seemingly human-like. One wields a sword and shield, while the other strikes a pose as if ascending, conveying a sense of vigilance and adventure, as if eager to defy gravity and enter this realm.


The contrast in size between the tiny figures and the gigantic creatures may hint at humanity's fear, challenges, and learning when facing the vast unknown. The concept of "otherness" often arises from our own self-centered view of the world. On our planet, all existence is essentially composed of the same material, and the boundaries between lives have always been blurry and inseparable.

Yang says, "I'm already 73 years old. I’ve earned the right to break away from people's expectations of my artistic style." Residual liuli, such as sprues which have previously been labeled as waste, seem to be her recent material of choice, leading to an innovative, whimsical, and humorous exploration.