Towards the Stars

This is a cosmic adventure.

Throughout their lives, people traverse and explore the boundless universe of ‘the mind’, engraving emotions, thoughts, and memories. Yet, it is through collisions and encounters with other universes beyond their own opinions, that infinite nebulae of change are ignited.

Numerous circular glass tabletops are capriciously arranged together to symbolize the celestial bodies moving in the Milky Way. The fusion of multiple sprues makes each disc its own an independent planet, possessing exclusive ecological environments and organisms. Yet, they find connection amidst their shades, collectively forming the whole of the cosmos.

This artwork represents the symbiotic coexistence of all things. Even if they seem distant and unrelated to each other, they still have commonalities. Each such person is also a unique and solitary existence, but in reality, we somehow call out to each other, engaging in verbal and nonverbal dialogue.