What is being an artist? It is a necessity. Choosing to be an artist is choosing a life full of doubts and questions, of failures and successes, of sensitivity and risk.

Choosing to be an artist when your father, your uncle and your great grandfather have won recognition worldwide for their excellency is even more risky. Of course, you get the experience and the knowledge of the ones who tried before you, but most of all you have to prove that you are deserving this legacy, that you can add something more, and that you have something special to express and to show to the world.

This challenge has been succesfull in the case of Juliette Leperlier, the only woman in this famous lineage of pâte de verre artists. She learned from her father and uncle, who learned themselves from their grandfather, how to deal with the material: glass. And she succeeded in creating her own sign, by introducing air in the volumes, a kind of feminine touch. The forms she creates are full of delicacy, some of them almost anthropomorphic, talking about themselves as if they were someone you have know forever. Juliette Leperlier is well representing the new generation of French glass artists, daring to be herself. She has a name, but most of all she has a first name…

It is very moving for us to be associated to the Liuli museum to present her works for the first time in Asia, my parents have been the first historic gallerists of Antoine and Étienne Leperlier, and Denis and I are the first historic gallerists of Juliette… Generations of passion, of energy dedicated to Art and the message it can bring to the world : peace and beauty are offered to our contemplation as if we could have for a while the same language, no matter where you come from nor where you are going. Everyone can be touched by a simple form, a wonderful color, sweet lines and volumes. In this sense, Juliette Leperlier is offering us nothing less than an universal language that just needs to be shared.

Laura Capazza-Durand

Galerie Capazza